The specified FPS limit must not be exceeded for safety reasons.


Always point the glasses upwards. Never lay on top of the glasses. If it is not in use, you should put on the dust cover provided.

Before each match day, we recommend cleaning ONLY the glasses with liquid soap under lukewarm water to remove grease and dirt. Rinse the glass thoroughly with water afterwards and make sure that no soap residue remains.

Care and cleaning are important. DO NOT use ammonia, bleach, vinegar or window cleaners as these products may remove some of the coating on your glass. For cleaning, we recommend lukewarm water.

Cleaning and drying are equally important. To polish your goggles, you should not use kitchen roll, toilet paper or your jumper, even though it is very tempting. The fabric of your jumper may contain dust particles that can cause scratches on your glasses. We recommend using a microfibre cloth or a soft cotton cloth. Rubbing on dry glass can also cause scratches, so you should rinse your glasses under running water before polishing. If there is no access to water, you can gently blow off the lenses to remove any dust particles before polishing.


Replaceable protective glass. To do this, FIRST slide the upper fastener with the NB logo to the right when viewed from the front. Then separate the lower frame by gently pulling it down. Now you can carefully push the protective glass to the left and remove it.

To insert the protective glass, first insert the glass at the top of the frame. Make sure that the catch is open at the top (right). Next, the glass must be inserted into the frame on the left and right. Finally, the lower frame with the two grooves must be pressed in and the upper catch secured to the left when viewed from the front.



Salt water is a bad friend. Salt water can be particularly harmful. Therefore, DO NOT leave salt residues on your goggles for too long, as they are corrosive and dry out into white spots that can erode and thus damage the coating and lenses.

The same applies to high temperatures. DO NOT place your goggles in direct sunlight on the dashboard of your car. Very high temperatures can cause damage to the glasses.

Watch out for these everyday products. Alcohol-based products, DEET, sweat, sunscreen, detergents and hairsprays can damage the lens coating and cause it to discolour, crack or peel. Therefore, clean your goggles if they have come into contact with these products.


The warranty according to § 438 BGB is 24 months by law.

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